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Tags are no longer being sold on-line.

But they are still available.

Send an email to Sales@ScubaDiverTag.com and we’ll send you a order form to fill in.   Once we receive the form, we’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.   Once we receive payment we’ll make and ship the tags.  $6.95 Shipping and Handling for any number of tags to any destination.

While we hope you’ll return from every dive without a problem, the ScubaDiverTag will ensure you have your critical information with you at all times. We have noticed many dive operations do not collect your DAN or emergency contact information. The ScubaDiverTag has all those details and more. Once attached to your BCD, you will never go diving without it!

We also give you the opportunity to show everyone how many dives you’ve completed. Whether its 20 dives or 200 dives or 2000 dives, there’s no reason to keep it a secret! Let everyone know. Its a great way to start a conversation about all the great dive locations you’ve visited.

We charge a $6.00 set up fee for the 1st tag that you purchase. Every tag costs $13.95 regardless of whether it’s a standard tag or a DIVER DOWN TAG®. Just pay one set up fee for each person and you can order as many tags of any type that you want for $13.95 each.

Request an order order form from sales@scubadivertag.com and order any of our products.


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Our first product was the Standard Tag.


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Click on these links below to watch videos about the ScubaDiverTag

Scuba Diver Tag Introduction

More Info about the ScubaDiverTag

We then added the DIVER DOWN TAG ®

We’ve all heard stories about people surfacing at the end of their dive only to find that the dive boat has left them in the water. HERE’S THE SOLUTION…. The DIVER DOWN TAG ®. Carry it with you attached to a Snap Hook. As you prepare to leave the dive boat, hand it to the boat crew and ask them to keep it until you return. Tell them not to leave the dive site until you collect it back. When your dive is over and you’re safely back on-board, retrieve it and reattach it to your BCD until your next dive.(SNAP HOOK NOT INCLUDED)




Click on this link below to watch videos about the ScubaDiverTag

The Diver Down Tag

We’ve now added a PADI Tag for those who want to show off their affiliation with PADI.

Due to interest in a tag for bags carrying dive gear, we have also added a GEAR TAG.


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